Being not only overwhelmed among consumers in homeland, but the fish is also well known worldwide with over 134 countries up to now. The fish is millions of consumers favored par with the white meat fish that Europeans and Americans are used to consume like headock, pollack, tilapia. Now this ‘Tra’ fish has been classified as one of the ten of most favourite diets in the US.

Pangasius is farmed in freshwater ponds in the Mekong Delta of Vietnam. And the type of this fish is absolutely an exclusive merit in the region. It has long been familiar, popular and appearing in daily meals in almost residents who living alongside the downstream of Mekong River, which flowing through Thailand, Cambodia, as far as Vietnam, along with other fishes of same kind such as P. krempfi (ca bong lau), P. conchophilus (ca hu), or Plotosus canius (ca ngat) and so on.

Several main product items from pangasius are made by MKFOOD:

Pangasius fillet welltrimmed

Pangasius fillet un-trimmed

Pangasius fillet semi-trimmed

Pangasius cube


Pangasius butterfly cut

Pangasius HGT

Pangasius steak

Pangasius whole round